Diversity Programs

We believe that diversity fosters creativity, innovation and thought leadership through the infusion of new ideas and perspectives.

We have made a commitment to building a culture that provides opportunities for all employees regardless of our differences.

Inspiring Women for Finance Symposium

As Liberty Markets strive to recruit, retain and empower women, we realize that it is integral to focus on expanding the female presence in our Intern and Analyst classes.

Our New York City and London offices host annual Symposiums for undergraduate women interested in learning more about the finance industry. It is an opportunity for Liberty Markets to inspire women to work in finance and source a talented pool of female candidates early in the process for our internship programs.

Liberty Markets Network of Black and Latino Employees

Liberty Markets understands the need to cultivate a community of engaged diverse employees across the firm. As a result, Liberty Markets’ Network of Black and Latino Employees was established in 2018 with the mandate to help foster an inclusive, diverse working environment with a focus on equitable treatment and an enhanced workplace for both Black and Latino women and men at Liberty Markets.

Its inaugural Next Generation Diversity Symposium in 2019 in an effort to invite the next generation of diverse financial professionals to spend an immersive day at Liberty Markets’ headquarters in New York City. It is an opportunity for Freshmen and Sophomore college students to explore the career paths of non-finance majors and how they found their passion for finance and explore Liberty Markets summer internship opportunities.


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Liberty Markets Ethnic Minority Society

In London, Liberty Markets Ethnic Minority Society (LMEMS) was established in 2019 to promote ethnic diversity initiatives in Liberty Markets. These initiatives include, but are not limited to, recruiting and developing under-represented ethnic minority talent.

We aims to encourage, empower and invest in the next generation of talent, while developing an inclusive working environment that appreciates and cultivates a diverse workforce, reflecting our clients and society at large.


LMMosaic+ , Liberty Markets LGBTQ+ network, was established in 2019 and is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and open working environment for our LGBTQ+ community and its allies across Liberty Markets.

LMMosaic+ is focused on: supporting and connecting the Liberty Markets LGBTQ+ community and its allies; increasing the recruitment, support, and advancement of LGBTQ+ employees and clients; and facilitating open dialogues, communication, education and policies that foster a collaborative and inclusive work environment.